Storytime Songs
by Shauna Tominey
About Storytime Songs

A few words from Shauna Tominey, creator of Storytime

I have always had two passions in life - one is music and the
other is working with children. When I first started out, I kept
these two worlds separate. The more I worked with children,
however, the more I realized the importance of integrating
music and early experience/learning. Children (and adults!)
are drawn to music!

While working as an early childhood teacher in an inclusive
classroom, I found that the best way to engage children from a
variety of ages and developmental needs was to use music.
When music was brought into the classroom, children were
more likely to pay attention, follow directions, and remember
new words and ideas. Days that felt the most successful and
enjoyable for the children were those when we integrated
music into lessons.

For most children, songs are how they learn the fundamentals
of early literacy (the ABCs). In addition, there are dozens of
variations on songs that teach children the days of the week or
the months of the year. Putting a melody to a string of words,
numbers, or letters seems to improve children's capacity for
memory and puts learning into a fun context.

With these thoughts in mind, I wanted to create a site with free
music resources for parents and educators. Bringing music
into the classroom can be intimidating for teachers without
training in music education, but hopefully, these
easy-to-implement ideas will open doors and new directions
in early education.