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Hansel and Gretel, their family was poor.
Their father and step-mother worked hard, for sure,
But one day when they went outside to play
They heard their step-mother say:

We can’t feed ourselves
How can we feed them
Take them to the woods
There we should leave them.

Hansel and Gretel came up with a plan.
They filled their pockets with pebbles and stones.
Into the woods they left them on the path.
And then they followed them home.

Then the next day
Their step-mother took them
Back to the woods
And there she left them.

But they had filled their pockets with crumbs of bread
And planned to follow them home.

Hansel, where are they?
I know that we dropped them.
Gretel, it seems that the
Birds may have got them.

Now the poor children were lost in the woods
And could not find their way home.

Hansel, I’m so tired and I’m hungry too.
Gretel look ahead.  I see a house do you?

The children ran to the house that they saw
And found it covered in sugar and sweets.
They started nibbling the corners away,
But then they heard a voice say

This is my house!
How dare you eat it!
Come right inside
So you can sweep it!

Hansel and Gretel followed the voice
Hoping that she could help them home.

Children you’re mine now
I’ll eat you for supper.
Girl you do the work
And you boy I will fatten.

Poor Gretel cleaned the house day after day
While Hansel stayed locked away in a cage.
The witch made him hold out his finger each day,
But he held out a chicken bone.

One day she said it’s time to cook a big stew.
Girl you prepare it and boy I’ll eat you.
But when the oven was so hot and red
Gretel pushed the witch in instead.

They ran outside and tried to find their way home
But they remained lost so deep in the wood.
There up ahead a dark figure they saw
It was there father who stood.  

Children I’ve found you
I’m sorry I left you.
Day after day through the woods
I’ve been searching.

Your evil stepmother has now gone away
And I will take you both home.

Copyright 2005 Shauna Tominey
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