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On a sunny day
The princess by the well did play
With her favorite golden ball,
But then it fell, deep into the well.

Oh the princess cried
A sorrow that she could not hide.
Her tears began to flow and fall
Because she’d lost her favorite golden ball.

Then she heard a sound
The princess turned and looked around.
From in the well a voice did call
I’ll bring you back your favorite golden ball.

All I ask of you
Is that you do a favor too
And take me home and treat me well
And I’ll return your golden ball that fell.

Yes the princess said.
I’ll even let you share my bed
If only you’ll return my ball
The one I dropped and down the well did fall.

To her great surprise
A frog appeared before her eyes
And gave her back her golden ball,
But seeing that frog, it made her fair skin crawl.

So she ran away
She took her ball and did not stay.
She did not keep her promised word
And as she ran, the croaking frog she heard.

Late that night there came a knock on the door.
The princess dropped her dinner on the floor.
For she saw the frog was standing there
She gave a start and felt a scare.

Princess don’t forget you promised me
I returned your ball so willingly.
Now you must uphold just what you said
I will share your bed.

The princess said no you can’t make me,
But the king said daughter don’t you see
As a princess you must keep your word
You made your promise, my piece you’ve heard.

The princess stomped her foot and started to pout,
But she knew that she had no way out
So she took the frog with her to bed
As she’d promised, as she’d said

When the morning broke
The princess and the frog awoke
The frog no longer seemed so bad
The princess thought she could like him just a tad.

As their friendship grew
The princess and the frog, they knew
Forever he would be her friend
And then she kissed his nose right on the end.

To her great surprise
A prince stood right before her eyes
And deep in love with him she fell
The prince who’d been the frog inside the well.

Copyright 2005 Shauna Tominey
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